Area Rugs in Cambridge MA

As I walked into the hospice facility on a Sunday morning two years ago to see my grandfather, I felt something distinctively different. After 2 years of helping my grandfather day to day battling his ALS, not much had terrified me. As I walked into his room though, a feeling I have never experienced before overtook my body, fear. It was a painful and gut-wrenching fear that these were my last minutes with my grandfather. I could do nothing more but rush to his bed as I immediately knew what was going on. As I grabbed the hand of my beloved Papa, I felt his gently slowing pulse and the stiffness of each individual muscle fiber in his hand begin to shut his body down when looking for area rugs in Cambridge MA.


From there, it occurred to me that it was time for us to say goodbye but things slowly began to change as I became aware of my surroundings. As I looked outside, a beautiful sky illuminated the clouds as if it was opening its arms to welcome another angel. Every individual detail of that room is ingrained in my mind and I began to feel the slightest bit of peace as flowers and cards surrounded me reminding me of all the support we had. As the melodies of his favorite Swedish band filled the room with sound for him to listen to, he still held on. Although, I remember feeling that there was something off in the room. From the corner of my teary eyes, I found his Swedish flag blanket folded in the room of the hospice facility.


I grabbed it, unfolded it for him and placed it on his weathered body as I thought the blanket of his home country could make our goodbye a little easier. With a new-found peace in the room, he took his final breath minutes after that blanket was placed over him and his strong hand in mine. As the nurse rushed me out of the room, I had found a certain peace and calmness knowing that our last minutes together were spent together were not utter panic, and were not on the terms of a cruel world. They were under our control in that room and have now forever been printed in my mind not as a traumatic experience, but a peaceful one.


In this scenario, the importance of décor has become evident to me. Like the ambiance of that room helped my grandfather and I find peace in his passing, it can help individuals get through a variety of different challenging and chaotic situations. Few things in life are in our control. Money, socioeconomic status, race, gender, sex, sexuality are all systems of oppression many of us are born under in this world. Décor is one of the few things we can have control over and can provide us the peace we deserve in our moments of panic and despair.


Without the flowers and cards, without the music and without that Swedish flag blanket, the experience of my grandfather’s passing could have been extremely difficult for me to talk about. Yet it is because of those pieces of décor that give me the ability to talk about my experiences and give me the confidence and passion to pursue a career in neurological medicine to give back to those affected by the same conditions my grandfather was. And from now on, in the case that similar situations of panic, despair and grief that filled me, fill my patients, I will know how to help; décor and a setting that will provide peace for people.